1. Marrakech

    Gleaming under the north African Sun, Marrakesh originated almost 1000 years ago and it sits right on the edge of the Sahara. This market town has grown to become a great city which is also a Unesco Heritage site! Probably the most significant city of Morocco’s four Imperial Cities built by the Berber Empire, the city was properly founded in 1062. Later, in 1122, Marrakech saw the construction of red walls and buildings, the colour coming from the red sandstone used in its creation. This dubbed Marrakech The Red City.

    Marrakesh is now a beaming economic centre which is home to palaces, gardens, and mosques that leave one in awe. The souks (market places) are riddled with exquisite textiles, jewellery, and pottery and those who sell them, young or old embed their unique charm into their crafts. Marrakech is also home to the busiest square in Africa, The Jemaa el-Fnaa. There's so much to see in Marrakech, where each discovery is bursting with culture and purely mesmerising experiences. With that said, The Jemaa el-Fna is all that and more. The busiest square in Africa is just exploding with wonder. Like something out of a movie, this market place has Snake Charmers whose flutes begin enticing one's ears in the morning.

    Generating a hype and curiosity, these snake charmer put on shows at sunset while restaurants fill the air with the smell of their exquisite cooking. A major part of the Jemaa el-Fna is the Hoopla and Halqa. This street theatre existed since AD 1050, back when the site was used for public executions. Don’t worry the mood has definitely lightened up since then and now the entire area is filled with entertainers from all wakes of entertainment. Acrobats flip around and create suspense, while the flutes of snake charmers hypnotise deadly Cobras, freedom songs are sung and Gnaoua musicians steal the show with the trance inducing beats that gets the crowd vibing.

    Storytellers spellbind the crowds with legends of heroes and wisdom as astrologers, belly dancers and healers tries to steal your attention from inside your periphery. The night Carnival that Jemaa el-Fna truly seems like a fairytale world, filled with marvel and spectacle. Around every corner, there’s something that will capture your curiosity! Muse Berbre Marrakech's charm does not stop at the Jemaa el-Fna as it is also home to one of the most beautifully curated museums in Africa, the Muse Berbre. Highlighting an exclusive collection of the Berber and their origins in Morocco, this museum is not to be missed. The amazing 200 square metres that the museum has is dedicated to four thematic rooms which showcase the Berbers, their traditional skills, jewels and finery. With over 600 objects, all creating a gripping panorama of Berber culture, the magnificent museum is inspiring and provides a great narrative of the history of Morocco and Marrakech. Bahia Palace Another spectacle that Marrakech offers is the Bahia Palace. The once enormous house and the set of houses around it were collected and transformed into a beautiful palace by a father and son who served the Grand Vizier.

    The construction spanned over 41 years from 1859 to 1900. Top Artisans that has been in service to the Bahia Palace for over 14 years now and decorates its Harem from roof to floor with stunning interiors that are comprised woven-silk panels, rose bouquet painted ceilings and stained glass windows. There are 150 rooms that are open to the public, all laden lavishly with ornamental fancy. The grand courtyard creates a tranquil mood and its entire floor is laid with white Carrara Marble. The Palace and all its glory is a feast for your eyes. The Medina Marrakech is also home to Medina, and it is found as one walks through the lanes that wind north from Djemaa el-Fna. Originating in the 11th century, the city is enclosed by ramparts and gates that cover a 16km perimeter. The Medina, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site, is a combination of all that is artsy in Morocco and while walking through Medina one is tantalised by scents of spices and grilled meat fuse in alleyways as beams of the suns rays streak through palm-branched roofing. Home to various tourist attractions including the Koutoubia Mosque, with its 77m high minaret, the Saadian Tombs where The Saadian Sultan did not hold back when spending on his tomb and the Ben Youssef Madrassa which is still home to Islamic scholars. Marrakech is undoubtedly a tourists dream. Filled with Culture and two Unesco World Heritage sites, the people will melt your hearts and once there, the hardest part of your adventure will be fighting the urge to stay in Marrakech surrounded by all its wonders for years and years.

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  2. Mykonos, another great glamour Island of Greece.

    Mykonos is another great glamour Island of Greece. It’s more upbeat than that of Santorini and it’s known for its party-hard reputation that even celebrities are attracted to. Part of the Cyclades, an island group in the Aegean sea comprising of about 220 islands, Mykonos has an Island span of 85.5 square kilometres that is jam-packed full of excitement. Booming with trendy new hotels, restaurants and beach bars, Mykonos offers a fun blend of fast paced and time frozen moments with its loud and proud Ibiza-styled beach parties and the utterly magnificent backdrop of an impeccable landscape bathed in epic sunrises and sunsets. There are many Museums to visit, to soak up the culture and history, plenty of chic shopping to do and countless of dance moves to perfect in the many parties hosted in Mykonos. The list is really endless with things to do in Mykonos. The main Attractions in Mykonos are its beautiful beaches, where you can relax, snorkel or even party! Paradise Beach in Mykonos is the perfect place to start your adventure. Paradise Beach is a resort that is laden with epic bars, restaurants, bars and activities and it is also home to the 17th best club in the world! Paradise Beach is conveniently located just 5 kms away from the centre of town and 3km away from the international airport. Thousands of party goers herd to Paradise beach every year to experience the open air club. The spectacular club has three stages including a VIP area, swimming pool area and a main deck. Many international DJ’s come to Paradise Beach to spin the hottest tunes. Paradise beach also provides an impressive amount of water sports that will speak out to any thrill seeker. From water skiing, canoeing, and jet skiing all the way to parachuting and scuba diving, this is the ultimate resort in Mykonos. To get away from the amazing parties and soak up some culture a good place to visit is the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. Its collections contains items and exhibits that date all the way back to prehistoric times. The dainty museum showcases figurines, sculptures, furnery art and urns amongst many other items.

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  3. Santorini’s creation alone is one of nature’s marvels

    Santorini’s creation alone is one of nature’s marvels due to the fact that it was first a single island that was destroyed a volcanic eruption. Owing to the Volcano, The formerly single island was then destroyed and the current geological caldera is what stands. The precious gem of the Aegean, still standing on an active volcano, now is recognised around the world for its multicoloured cliffs that climb out of the sea-immersed caldera. Santorini hosts 1.5million tourists annually and that number is growing as the years go on. Popular tourist activities include taking walks along the Caldera edge, wine tasting, visiting historic landmarks and taking in majestic sunsets while sitting at the best spots to view them. Undeniably, one of the first things that all tourists do is taking a hike in Nea Kameni, situated in the middle of the caldera. This is where you will find the most active volcano in Santorini. A short but beautiful trip from the Fira port to Nea Kameni is all it takes to start your hiking trail to the top, where you will see smoking craters and the strong smell of sulphur will surround you. Santorini is renowned for its romanticism and another must-see is the sunset tours. Hop on a sail boat, each with its own character, to be whisked away into the magical sunset. These boat tours first stop at Agios Nikolas, where you can dip into hot springs with water ranging from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Then, you will be swept away around the Caldera. The picturesque houses perched on rocky cliffs add to the wonderful atmosphere as you are hit with a plethora of colours from the sunset while sipping on local wine. You can also take a Sunset wine tour. The full experience is 4 hours long and you will be taken to 2 of the best traditional wineries in Santorini. Getting to taste over twelve wines and with last glass full, the sun will be disappearing into the horizon. Being surrounded by such pristine water will soon give you the urge to jump in and there is no better place to make a day of it at the Red beach. One of Santorini's most beautiful and famous beaches, The Red Beach is located a few steps away from the ancient site of Akrotiri. The beauty of this beach is that its charm doesn’t just stop at its red sand and but it spreads across a unique landscape and often visitors choose not to go down to the beach at all, instead, they marvel at the black and red volcanic rocks from above. Around the beach, there are many bars and wonderful seafood all at your disposal and worth a mention is the Asterias restaurant. While its first impressions may seem mediocre, once there it makes sense to why this Restaurant is in the prime location on the beach. Offering authentic seafood or modern twists on originals, this is the place to eat while at the Red Beach. Santorini also offers a unique way of touring. Surprisingly cheap, renting out a quad bike for a day is one of the most exciting things to do in Santorini. Santorini is one of the only places in Greece that allows one to do this and it makes for an absolutely entertaining experience. It’s just you and the road and you can explore every little nook and cranny of Santorini, taking your quad bike to the black sand beaches of Kamara and Perissa is highly recommended What Santorini offers is a soul-calming experience and its setting is unquestionably romantic. As a tourist destination, it proposes magnificent sunsets, fine cuisine around every corner and the most magical beaches in the world. Santorini will surely intoxicate you and you may not want to leave its beautiful shores.

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  4. Deep underground the city of Utrect

    Utrecht, a city in central Netherlands has been a religious centre for centuries. Its medieval longstanding town, canals, Christian monuments and esteemed university makes this City rich in deep-rooted culture. The city’s heritage and the iconic Dom Tower (Dom Toren) makes it one of the most beautiful cities in The Netherlands In Utrecht, the Dom Tower stands majestically! It is the highest and oldest church tower in Holland, built between 1321 and 1382, it stands 112 meters high. Even if you can’t see it, you are still likely to hear one of its 13 bells that weigh between 880 and 18,000 pounds. The 465 steps to the top are broken up well and the view is more than worth the climb. This architectural masterpiece and its breath-taking view is an experience that must be felt. While the Dom Tower takes you to great heights, Domunder permits you to descend deep underground to explore the lair-esque underground world of Dutch history which recounts more than 2000 years of Dutch history. There is nothing more fun than walking in a market finding unique wares from local vendors. Utrecht offers plenty of markets from flowers to fabric and cheese to fish. The Janskhorf Market is dedicated to flowers, transforming the street into a sea full of colour and scents. For authentically Dutch fabrics, take a stroll through Breedmarkt. Breedmarkt, the oldest fabric market in the Netherlands, offers a wide array of fabrics to choose from. For a unique market, Vredenburg is a must see. In this market, you can find fresh, cheese and even a new watch. The quirky Vredenburg market is the only one of its kind, with its distinctive blend of a large variety of products that range from fish, meat, vegetables and fruit all the way to bread, belts, jackets, accessories and electronics. In the heart of Utrecht stands Stadskasteel Oudaen. Originally a medieval defensive tower, The Stadskasteel Oudaen’s construction was commissioned by the wealthiest families of Utrecht in 1280. The tower took more than a century before it was completed and it was the tallest structure in Utrecht at one stage. While it had many important roles to play in the history of the Netherlands, it now houses a restaurant which allows you to combine your tour with a drink or a meal. In Utrecht lies the Rietveld Schröder House. Designed in 1924 by Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld, UNESCO World Heritage site is the architectural masterpiece coming out of the modern art movement, De Stijl. The house has been carefully restored to its original state and furnished with several other Rietveld pieces, including the Red and Blue Chair (1917) and Zig Zag chair (1934). Utrecht is a peaceful architectural masterpiece and there are plenty of landmarks to visit all within close proximity to quaint restaurants, bars and cafes. Rich in History, Utrecht is an amazing city that allows one to look into the past of the Netherlands while also looking into the magnificent future ahead.

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