Utrecht, a city in central Netherlands has been a religious centre for centuries. Its medieval longstanding town, canals, Christian monuments and esteemed university makes this City rich in deep-rooted culture. The city’s heritage and the iconic Dom Tower (Dom Toren) makes it one of the most beautiful cities in The Netherlands In Utrecht, the Dom Tower stands majestically! It is the highest and oldest church tower in Holland, built between 1321 and 1382, it stands 112 meters high. Even if you can’t see it, you are still likely to hear one of its 13 bells that weigh between 880 and 18,000 pounds. The 465 steps to the top are broken up well and the view is more than worth the climb. This architectural masterpiece and its breath-taking view is an experience that must be felt. While the Dom Tower takes you to great heights, Domunder permits you to descend deep underground to explore the lair-esque underground world of Dutch history which recounts more than 2000 years of Dutch history. There is nothing more fun than walking in a market finding unique wares from local vendors. Utrecht offers plenty of markets from flowers to fabric and cheese to fish. The Janskhorf Market is dedicated to flowers, transforming the street into a sea full of colour and scents. For authentically Dutch fabrics, take a stroll through Breedmarkt. Breedmarkt, the oldest fabric market in the Netherlands, offers a wide array of fabrics to choose from. For a unique market, Vredenburg is a must see. In this market, you can find fresh, cheese and even a new watch. The quirky Vredenburg market is the only one of its kind, with its distinctive blend of a large variety of products that range from fish, meat, vegetables and fruit all the way to bread, belts, jackets, accessories and electronics. In the heart of Utrecht stands Stadskasteel Oudaen. Originally a medieval defensive tower, The Stadskasteel Oudaen’s construction was commissioned by the wealthiest families of Utrecht in 1280. The tower took more than a century before it was completed and it was the tallest structure in Utrecht at one stage. While it had many important roles to play in the history of the Netherlands, it now houses a restaurant which allows you to combine your tour with a drink or a meal. In Utrecht lies the Rietveld Schröder House. Designed in 1924 by Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld, UNESCO World Heritage site is the architectural masterpiece coming out of the modern art movement, De Stijl. The house has been carefully restored to its original state and furnished with several other Rietveld pieces, including the Red and Blue Chair (1917) and Zig Zag chair (1934). Utrecht is a peaceful architectural masterpiece and there are plenty of landmarks to visit all within close proximity to quaint restaurants, bars and cafes. Rich in History, Utrecht is an amazing city that allows one to look into the past of the Netherlands while also looking into the magnificent future ahead.

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